The total white décor trend has been booming for years. And now more than ever, it has established itself as one of the essentials colours, especially in minimalistic developments such as Bliss at the Arabian Ranches III where whitewashed townhouses perfectly reflect the idyllic feel of this first-of-its-kind urban village concept in Dubai. 

When decorating a room, or a home, we generally use a range of two or three colours. However, if you want bright, elegant and pure spaces, total white is a perfect choice.

Nevertheless, there are different variants and adaptations to the total white tendency. You can go white all the way and choose to decorate your space in all-white elements from floors to ceilings, including doors and walls. Alternatively, you can introduce some features in some colour to break the structure. This can be done with subtle elements, like a rug, or cushions, a lamp or a vase.

Another variant is introducing bold colours in an all-white room, trendy colours like red, blue, pink. Or you might opt for different shades of white or light amber (like in our Bliss Ivory and Amber townhouse collections where the whole palette is designed to accentuate the idyllic and peaceful feel of the place).

The perfect total white

At first glance, it would seem that an all-white décor is less complicated, but in reality, it is a tricky trend that requires a lot of creativity to make it stand out and to convey the right vibes. This is why our Emaar architects introduced a play of shapes and textures in the building materials to create a luxurious effect without losing any of the purity of the all-white surroundings.

When decorating the interiors of your townhouse, you can create more textures by choosing contrasting textures between the carpet and the curtains or the main sofas that you can choose in different shades of white.

The lighting is another crucial element that dictates the success of an all-white trend. Cosy lamps, in this case, are perfect for adding warmth and avoiding excessive brightness.

In a nutshell, an all-white décor brings a lot of light and create a feeling of spaciousness, elegance and purity. It also fits any decorative style you might choose and could be refreshed effortlessly by updating your accessories and wall art occasionally.

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