Downtown Dubai

Aptly called ‘The Centre of Now’, our flagship mega-development, Downtown Dubai occupies two of the most prestigious square kilometers in Dubai. Flanked on either side by Sheikh Zayed Road and Financial Centre Road, this dynamic city hub has catalysed the economy and cemented Dubai’s reputation as a true global icon. Providing the ultimate metropolitan lifestyle abounding with world-class landmarks, entertainment and glamour, Downtown Dubai is a true heart of the emirate

One of the key attractions in the area is Dubai Mall, the world’s largest shopping mall, offering an unrivaled selection of retail and dining options.

Properties in Dubai Downtown offer unparalleled opportunities for luxury living, with its stunning skyline dominated by high-rise contemporary buildings, world-class amenities, and vibrant cultural scene. From sleek high-rise condominiums boasting panoramic views of the iconic skyline to elegant townhouses nestled along tree-lined avenues, each residence epitomizes sophistication and style. With world-class amenities such as private pools, state-of-the-art fitness centers, and exclusive concierge services, these properties elevate the concept of urban living to new heights. Whether seeking a cosmopolitan penthouse retreat or a family-friendly oasis, Downtown Dubai presents an unparalleled opportunity to immerse oneself in the epitome of opulent city living.


In the vibrant district of Dubai Downtown, where apartments for sale are in high demand, residents are treated to an abundance of world-class amenities. Whether you’re looking to buy an apartment in Downtown Dubai, this dynamic area offers everything you need for a luxurious lifestyle. Luxury accommodations such as Address Residences in Downtown which is a prime example of the high-end living option available in the area.

Downtown Dubai is the vibrant heart of the city and one of its most luxurious areas, attracting those who crave a glamorous lifestyle. Imagine stepping out of your home into a world of opulence, with access to state-of-the-art fitness centers, luxurious spas, and pristine swimming pools. This is why people who desire a lavish lifestyle choose to buy apartments in Downtown Dubai.

Burj Khalifa The World's Tallest Building
Dubai Opera 2000 Seat Multi-format Venue
Souk Al Bahar Luxury Arabian Market
The Dubai Fountain The World’s Largest Choreographed Fountain System
The Dubai Mall The World’s Most Visited Retail & Entertainment Destination
Burj Khalifa Lake Over 120,000 sqm Man-made Lake
5-star Hotels Home to the Luxurious Address and Vida Hotels
Upscale Business Hub Prestigious Address for Businesses

Properties in Downtown Dubai

Vida Dubai Mall - Downtown Dubai
Downtown Dubai

Vida Dubai Mall

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Opera Grand - Downtown Dubai
Downtown Dubai

Opera Grand at Downtown Dubai

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Boulevard Point - Downtown Dubai
Downtown Dubai

Boulevard Point

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Downtown Views II
Downtown Dubai

Downtown Views II

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Grande Signature Residences - Downtown Dubai
Downtown Dubai

Grande Signature Residences

  • 2 - 4
FORTE - 1, 2, 3 & 4-Bedroom Apartments for Sale in Downtown Dubai
Downtown Dubai


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Burj Crown Downtown Dubai
Downtown Dubai

Burj Crown

  • 1 - 3
Downtown Dubai Real Estate
Downtown Dubai

Il Primo

  • 4 - 6
5 minutes from Dubai International Financial Centre
10 minutes from Dubai International Airport
13 minutes from Jumeirah Beach
20 minutes from Dubai Creek Harbour


Downtown Dubai boasts a prime location, nestled between Sheikh Zayed Road and Financial Center Road, and is home to iconic landmarks like Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, and Dubai Fountain. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, a prominent landmark, further contributes to the area’s appeal with its restaurant-lined streets and access to rental services like bicycles and e-scooters. Its dynamic city center has catalyzed the economy and established Dubai’s reputation as a global city, making it a sought-after location for property investment.

Downtown Dubai properties offer prime investment potential due to their central location, luxury & modern amenities, and high demand for apartments.

Downtown Dubai offers a diverse range of properties, including residential apartments, luxury apartments, penthouses for sale, serviced residences, and high-end hotels. Whether you’re looking for contemporary high-rise living or a traditional Arabic lifestyle experience, there are options to suit every preference. Souk Al Bahar, a luxury Arabian market, offers upscale shopping and dining experiences adjacent to the Dubai Fountains.

1. State-of-the-Art Fitness Centers: Downtown Dubai boasts modern fitness centers equipped with the latest gym equipment, offering residents opportunities for exercise and wellness.
2. Luxurious Spas: Residents can indulge in pampering spa treatments at upscale facilities, providing relaxation and rejuvenation within the vibrant city center.
3. Pristine Swimming Pools: The area features pristine swimming pools where residents can enjoy leisurely swims and soak up the sun amidst stunning city views.
4. Lush Green Spaces: Downtown Dubai offers lush green spaces and beautifully landscaped parks, providing residents with serene environments for leisurely strolls and picnics.
5. Retail Outlets: Residents have access to a diverse range of retail outlets, from boutique shops to flagship stores, offering everything from fashion and accessories to electronics and home goods.
6. Fine Dining Restaurants: The district is home to an array of fine dining restaurants, catering to diverse culinary preferences and offering exquisite dining experiences.
7. Cafes and Coffee Shops: Residents can unwind at charming cafes and coffee shops, enjoying a cup of coffee or tea while socializing or catching up on work.
8. Entertainment Venues: Downtown Dubai features entertainment venues such as cinemas, theaters, and live performance spaces, providing residents with access to cultural and leisure activities.
9. Convenience Stores: The area is dotted with convenience stores and supermarkets, ensuring residents have easy access to daily necessities and grocery shopping.
10. 24/7 Security: With round-the-clock security services, Downtown Dubai prioritizes the safety and well-being of its residents, offering peace of mind in a secure environment.
11. High-End Hotels: Downtown Dubai is home to high-end hotels like Address hotel and Vida hotel, a comfortable stay located on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard and close to Dubai Mall.

Yes, Dubai Downtown offers a plethora of supermarkets and dining options within close proximity, catering to residents’ daily needs and culinary preferences.

Supermarkets: Residents have convenient access to well-stocked supermarkets and grocery stores, offering a wide range of fresh produce, pantry staples, and household essentials. These supermarkets provide residents with the convenience of fulfilling their grocery shopping needs without having to travel far from home.

Dining Options: Dubai Downtown is renowned for its diverse culinary scene, with an abundance of dining options to suit every taste and occasion. From fine dining restaurants serving gourmet cuisine to casual eateries offering international flavors, residents can explore a variety of culinary experiences right on their doorstep. Additionally, cafes and coffee shops provide cozy spaces for residents to relax, socialize, and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. Souk Al Bahar, a luxury Arabian market with over 100 shops and 20 restaurants, offers waterfront dining and scenic views of Dubai’s iconic landmarks like Burj Khalifa and Burj Lake.

Whether residents are seeking ingredients for home-cooked meals or looking to dine out and explore new culinary delights, Dubai Downtown offers a vibrant and convenient dining landscape.

Near Dubai Downtown, residents and visitors have access to a myriad of leisure and outdoor activities, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy amidst the bustling cityscape. Some of the prominent options include:

1. Burj Park: Situated adjacent to Burj Khalifa, Burj Park offers lush green spaces, jogging tracks, and picnic areas, providing a serene retreat in the heart of the city. Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, stands as a key attraction in Downtown Dubai, featuring an observation deck and showcasing engineering marvels.
2. Dubai Fountain: Witness the spectacular Dubai Fountain show, where choreographed water jets dance to music and lights, creating a mesmerizing spectacle against the backdrop of the iconic Burj Khalifa.
3. Dubai Opera: Experience world-class performances, including theater, opera, ballet, and concerts, at the stunning Dubai Opera venue, renowned for its architectural beauty and cultural significance.
4. Dubai Mall: Explore the expansive Dubai Mall, home to a plethora of entertainment options such as an indoor ice skating rink, a VR park, a cinema complex, and KidZania, ensuring endless entertainment for all ages.
5. Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo: Embark on an underwater adventure at the Dubai Aquarium, where visitors can marvel at thousands of aquatic animals, including sharks, rays, and colorful fish, through a giant viewing panel.
6. The Dubai Fountain Boardwalk: Take a leisurely stroll along the Dubai Fountain Boardwalk, offering up-close views of the fountain show and panoramic vistas of the surrounding skyline and waterfront.

Dubai Mall has earned its fame as an iconic global shopping destination for several reasons. One notable highlight is Fashion Avenue, an exclusive precinct within the mall dedicated to high-end fashion. This section offers a curated selection of upscale boutiques and designer stores, reflecting the latest trends in luxury fashion. Beyond Fashion Avenue, Dubai Mall stands out for its sheer size and diverse offerings, with over 1,300 retail outlets catering to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Additionally, Dubai Mall Zabeel extension is an expanded area of Dubai’s largest shopping mall, offering even more shopping and leisure experiences. The mall also boasts world-class attractions such as the mesmerizing Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, the captivating Dubai Fountain, and an array of entertainment options including a VR Park and Dubai Ice Rink. With its blend of luxury, entertainment, and extensive shopping opportunities, Dubai Mall has secured its reputation as a must-visit destination for tourists and shoppers worldwide.

To get to Downtown Dubai using public transportation, you can utilize the Dubai Metro, buses, or taxis. The most efficient way is to take the Red Line of the Dubai Metro and alight at the Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall station, which directly serves Downtown Dubai. From the metro station, you can either walk or take a feeder bus to your destination within Downtown Dubai. Alternatively, several bus routes also connect various parts of the city to Downtown Dubai, offering a convenient option if you’re near a bus stop. Taxis and ride-hailing services are widely available for a more direct and flexible mode of transport.

Downtown Dubai offers a variety of popular hotels for a luxurious stay. The iconic Address Downtown, Address Sky views and Address Dubai Mall, and Palace Downtown, located on Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd, boasts stunning views of Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountain, while Vida hotels offers contemporary design and a vibrant atmosphere. Situated within Burj Khalifa itself, Armani Hotel Dubai reflects sophistication and elegance in its design and amenities. Each hotel provides exquisite accommodations and convenient access to Downtown Dubai’s attractions, including Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa.

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