Our Approach towards Sustainability

At Emaar, we consider sustainability to be a fundamental aspect of our lives. It is an investment in the future of both society and ourselves. Therefore, we are confident that integrating sustainability into our business strategy will result in economic, environmental, and social advancement.

Emaar’s overall approach to sustainability is guided by our Sustainable Development Goals. In addition, our Code of Conduct guides the behaviour of all employees in relation to their colleagues, local communities, and the environment. At an operational level, we have a suite of procedures and policies that we follow in line with national regulatory and international standards.

All of these factors influence our approach to providing high-quality jobs, safe and secure employment, employee well-being, and opportunities for professional development. In addition, they influence how we communicate and consult with our investors, communities, government bodies, and suppliers in our operating areas, as well as how we monitor and enhance our sustainable performance.

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