Scam Alerts


If you receive any emails or calls from someone claiming to be from Emaar and asking for your account username and password, then it is likely you have been the target of a scam. Scammers use any means to obtain your personal information, including but not limited to emails, pop-up ads, texts, instant messages, phone calls, etc. Emaar will never ask you for your account username and password. Never share your personal information with anyone. Should you suspect the compromise of your personal information, we strongly advise you to promptly update your password.

Scammers may try to copy email and text messages, including Emaar logos, in order to trick you into sharing your personal information and passwords. Scammers may also try to contact you, offering gifts or using threats to push you to give them your personal information or password. We recommend that you not open any attachments or follow any links in suspicious or unsolicited emails or messages.

We also encourage you to verify the identity of the callers, the sender’s emails, the website URL, and the phone numbers from which you receive calls, before providing any personal information.

We finally encourage you to report any suspicious emails, messages or calls claiming to be from Emaar at We Care.


Fake Cryptocurrency

Important Disclaimer: Beware of fraudulent cryptocurrency schemes

We have become aware of a fraudulent activity involving the promotion of a fake cryptocurrency named “EMAAR” through various social media channels. We’ve noticed that individuals unaffiliated with EMAAR are erroneously asserting that EMAAR launched this cryptocurrency in an attempt to deceive online users. We emphasise that this claim is entirely false and lacks any basis in fact. EMAAR has neither issued nor is associated with any cryptocurrency named “EMAAR.” Furthermore, multiple trading platforms have reported the availability of this fraudulent cryptocurrency for trading.

We strongly advise all our website visitors and customers:

  1. Exercise Caution: Please exercise heightened scepticism towards any investment opportunities not officially verified through EMAAR Properties PJSC channels.
  2. Verify Information: Always ensure the legitimacy of any cryptocurrency or investment opportunity claiming association with EMAAR through our official website and authorised communication channels.
  3. Report Suspicious Activities: If you encounter any suspicious activity or communications related to this fraudulent scheme, promptly report them to us using the official contact details provided on our website.

EMAAR bears no responsibility for any liabilities, claims, demands, losses, or damages whatsoever incurred or which may be incurred as a result of interacting with or investing in fraudulent schemes or cryptocurrencies, including the aforementioned fraudulent cryptocurrency.

We remain steadfast in our commitment to ensuring the safety and security of our community, and we appreciate your vigilance in helping us identify and combat fraudulent schemes. To inquire or verify information, please contact us directly through our dedicated customer service channel, Wecare.