A sanctuary of relaxation, your bedroom should be a refuge from the pressure of everyday life. Sure, you want your bedroom’s style to reflect your design preferences, but you also want to make sure it functions as the retreat you deserve. But when you have a 3-bedroom-apartment and above, you have the opportunity to diversify and think of different styles that can be tied up to the main theme of your interiors. Here are a few tips that will help you find your perfect designs:

– Black Chic

The black wall looks exceptionally luxurious, contrasting against the floors and a colour block wall (emerald or terracotta). This feature works best in ultra-modern apartments (think Downtown Dubai or Dubai Hills Estate high rise developments). When using black in a bedroom, make sure that there is plenty of contrast, space, and light to ensure the room doesn’t feel gloomy and closed in.

– Steel Grey

You might think of the grey colour as too industrial, but you’d be surprised how vibrant it would make your room look when coordinated with a lively colour like yellow, red, or any contrasting colour. When combined with grey, any of these colours would create a contemporary feel with a futuristic twist that perfectly matches any modern furniture.

– Textures

Our Emaar architects are big on textures (floors, walls, doors and windows), making it easier for you to get more creative when decorating your property, from the paint on the wall to the furniture textiles and curtains. You can even add a mirrored wall for additional dimension and to reflect the natural daylight.

– Hospitality Haven:

No matter how welcoming your apartment is, a more “convivial” approach would turn your guest room into a real haven. Warm colours and a sitting area with a view would make your guests feel right at home.

– Young Vibes

Against common belief, neutral colours work best for teenagers or kids’ room as they inspire relaxation and create a space to unwind. Besides, kids will most likely personalize it with their own colourful elements and belongings.

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