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Whether you’re renting or own a house, keeping it in top shape makes everything easier. The Emaar One app will help you to organize your home and manage a household.

The average household has a never-ending list of to-do items. There are daily chores, long-term recurring tasks, cleaning, storage, upkeep, fees payments, etc. Offload these worries to technology, and you’ll almost digitise the entire home organization process, giving you peace of mind.

For new homeowners, Emaar has created one of the most comprehensive digital solutions you’ll ever need to manage all your Emaar properties efficiently. Through the Emaar One app, you can raise service requests, view the status of your requests, follow construction updates, book community amenities, and much more.

Property Management

Emaar One helps you manage your property through various services, from home modification NOC permits to community service fees payment, registration and activation of access cards. You can also apply for your move-in permit, pay your instalments, update your tenancy contract, make a digital handover, book amenities, benefit from exclusive offers and much more.

And for those looking for updates on the social scene within their community, Emaar one has quarterly newsletters with round-ups of the latest events, exciting competitions, and the latest improvements in your neighbourhood.

Household Management

Effective home management is the process of properly maintaining a home and overseeing household activities. Similar to operating a business, managing a home requires skills such as planning, organizing and budgeting. Using technology to help manage the household can add up to a good amount of time and money saved—not to mention a significant reduction in paper calendars and planners!

As an Emaar homeowner, you can conveniently manage your household by using Emaar One. With 28 vendors exclusively catering to Emaar residents, you can book 68 services within five categories: maintenance, cleaning, home help, lifestyle, and fitness care.

Just create a list of household chores with convenient reminders for your housework, and the app will inform you about them on time.

Download the Emaar One app on iOS and Android and get started today!

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