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Thinking of buying a property in Dubai using a more convenient payment method? Emaar and Visa have the perfect solution for you!

Following the launch of our easy-to-use mortgage calculator, Emaar continues to provide more omnichannel payment solutions to help new homeowners make easy and secure payments in the UAE. You can now visit Emaar’s website, browse our latest developments, find your dream home, calculate the mortgage and payment installments using our mortgage tool, then simply book use your Visa credit or debit card!

There are several payment options available in the real estate industry. They include cash payment, check payment, bank deposit payment, wire-transfer payment, auto-debit account payment, and credit card payment. However, the digital market is growing rapidly and the number of people that use digital payments has grown by 5.4% in 2020, according to Statista.

Advanced payment methods make our lives easier by providing us with the most efficient, convenient, fastest, and secure ways of dealing with money. In the past four to five years, there have been some impressive developments in digital payment methods, and we will see even more changes in the coming future. One thing is certain: Emaar will always be a step ahead at providing the safest and most convenient methods to make your home buying experience a delightful one on all levels!

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