Beyond shaping skylines, Emaar is shaping futures. Dive into our world where architectural prowess meets nature, curating urban oases that redefine modern living.

Redefining Global Skylines
At Emaar, we pride ourselves on redefining cityscapes across the globe. We’re not just about constructing iconic buildings; our vision transcends traditional boundaries. We aim to reshape the essence of urban living by creating self-contained micro-cities that flawlessly blend residential, commercial, and recreational spaces, delivering a comprehensive urban experience tailored for the modern individual.

Dubai Hills Estate: The Green Heart of Dubai
Among our proud achievements is Dubai Hills Estate. As we envisioned it, this place stands as the green heart of Dubai, a beacon where urbanism and nature merge harmoniously. This city within a city reflects our commitment to an urban lifestyle enriched by serene natural landscapes and cutting-edge facilities. Such visionary projects encapsulate the spirit and ambition of Emaar.

Dubai Creek Harbour: The City of the Future
Our expansive vision is further echoed in the Dubai Creek Harbour. Spanning an area three times the size of Downtown Dubai, this ‘City of the Future’ marries the pulsating energy of urban life with the serenity of lush parklands. Here, residents can revel in a lifestyle unparalleled, with a central park, a world-class marina, and a state-of-the-art viewing point.

Emaar South: Where Luxury Meets Nature
Emaar South is another testament to our passion for blending luxury with nature. Nestled amidst sprawling golf courses and verdant parks, this development offers an 18-hole championship golf course, premium hotels, vibrant entertainment hubs, and a retail boulevard that never sleeps.

Downtown Dubai: The Centre of Now
Downtown Dubai holds a special place in our portfolio. Celebrated as the “Centre of Now”, it’s home to the iconic Burj Khalifa, the vast Dubai Mall, and the captivating Dubai Fountain – an embodiment of our vision for a vibrant, global city.

Arabian Ranches: A Desert Oasis
The Arabian Ranches, our luxurious desert-themed community, provides an oasis of tranquillity. With premium homes, a championship golf course, and a Polo and Equestrian Club, it’s an epitome of the unique lifestyle experiences we aim to offer.

Commitment to Sustainability
Central to all our designs is our unwavering commitment to sustainability. By integrating expansive parks and sports facilities, we champion active and outdoor lifestyles. Our pedestrian-focused designs, besides fostering a close-knit community spirit, also work towards reducing car dependency.

The Future of Urban Living
In conclusion, at Emaar, our mission is clear: to weave the conveniences of urban living with the solace of nature, crafting self-sustaining ecosystems that enrich the mind, body, and soul. As the world marches towards increased urbanization, our developments stand as luminous examples of sustainable, inclusive, and harmonious urban living. Our ‘cities within the city’ aren’t just residences; they are the vanguard of the future of living – a future we are proud to shape.

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