Mirage at The Oasis

Step into the enchanting world of Mirage at The Oasis, a haven where luxury and nature exist in perfect haromony. A world of exceptional amenities awaits, turning daily life into an extra ordinary experience. Homes that reflect serene elegance and spohistication, surrounded by the beauty of The Oasis.

Delight in the elegant 5- and 6-Bedroom villas which reflects the refined craftsmanship which preserves the essence of luxury living. Mirage isn't just a home, it is a lifestyle which is a curation of remarkable everyday expeirences, bringing tranquility and opulence.

At Mirage, the landscape is transformed into a mesmerising spectacle of networked waterways forming a profound, picturesque bond with nature.

Mirage at The Oasis

At Mirage, every home is meticulously designed to capture abundance of natural light, creating a seamless connection to the surrounding ambience. Cutting edge designs showcase the beauty of tranquil water canales and lively public areas, providing residents with the opportunity to indulge in awe-insipring landscapes right from the comfort of their homes.

  • 5-Bedroom Villas
  • 6-Bedroom Villas
  • Starting price 15.8 Mn AED


A Harmony of Design and Nature

Mirage offers villa designs and facade styles to suit various preferences basting breathtaking views of the water canals and communal spaces. Mirage also offers an expansive backyard allowing residents to design their very own private haven.

Luxurious Living Redefined

The interiors exude a sense of modern refinement, with a seamless blend of premium materials and exquisite finishes. The result is an atmosphere that effortlessly combines upscale comfort and inviting elegance.

At Mirage, you can indulge in a lifestyle of sophistication and calm, where every detail is crafted to offer a truly exceptional living expeirence complemented by an array of world-class amenities that will surpass your expectations.

  • Parks and Gardens
  • Events Lawn
  • Boulevard
  • Waterfall Stage
  • Outdoor Gym
  • Sports Courts
  • Community Centre
  • Bedouins and BBQ areas

The Oasis

The Oasis offers the ultimate living experience in a private, luxury resort-like setting amidst lush greenery, flowing waterways, and world -class amenities perfect for both relaxation and entertainment. The mansions and villas are masterpieces designed by the world's best architects, with interiors created by the most famous designers. The unobstructed, open spaces seamlessly flow from indoors to outdoors, allowing residents to make the most of Dubai's sun-filled days. This is the future of refined waterside living, bringing to life the home you have always imagined. This is where the next chapter of your story unfolds.

  • 100 million sq ft
    Total Land Area
  • +7000
    Residential Units
  • 25% of the Land
    Open Spaces + Amenities
  • 4 International Golf Courses
    In Close Proximity
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The Oasis

Mirage at The Oasis

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