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Sustainability Innovation Challenge

In 2022, Emaar initiated the Emaar Innovation Challenge, a globally-recognized competition designed to inspire and engage startups worldwide. The goal is to harness their technological expertise and ingenuity in developing innovative solutions for construction and sustainability. These solutions are intended not only to benefit society and contribute to development but also to assist Emaar in achieving its Global Sustainable Development Goals. Through this challenge, Emaar sustainable innovation intentionally aims to foster sustainable innovation directed towards environmental sustainability, encouraging the generation of sustainability-oriented creative ideas and sustainable innovations.

With each iteration, the challenge garners hundreds of submissions, presenting innovative concepts from startups worldwide. These entries undergo meticulous evaluation and scoring by an Emaar panel, with 14 finalists chosen to participate in a live pitching session in Dubai. Through a rigorous assessment process, victors are selected based on their proficiency in novel technologies, commitment to environmentally conscious practices, and ability to devise creative solutions. The challenge underscores Emaar’s dedication to fostering sustainable solutions and intentional sustainable innovation, aimed at preserving natural resources and achieving sustainability goals.


A sustainable innovation means a novel solution, concept, or idea that aims to address environmental, social, or economic challenges while aligning with sustainability-oriented creative ideas. These innovations are designed to contribute to the achievement of sustainable development goals by fostering environmentally friendly practices, promoting social equity, and ensuring economic viability.

The objective of the challenge is to promote sustainable innovation geared towards environmental sustainability. It fosters the generation of creative ideas and innovations with a focus on sustainability, aiming to preserve natural resources and advance environmental sustainability goals. This initiative seeks to encourage sustainable practices, reduce carbon emissions, and promote a departure from traditional innovation methods.

Emaar offers a platform for startups to present their sustainable solutions and innovations, fostering an environment where they can innovate sustainably. By actively engaging with these startups and advocating for their ideas, Emaar actively contributes to the advancement and adoption of environmentally friendly practices across different sectors. This approach, unlike traditional innovations, emphasizes the importance of sustainability in driving progress and growth.